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Aymee Mallory

Project Manager

Aymee Mallory has been a member of the Franklin family for 16 years, since she first worked on the pioneer Road Home Program conducting community outreach across the state and in numerous additional states locating residents who had evacuated to safety after hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

A native of Allen Parish, Aymee enjoys connecting the resilient people of her beloved state to the vital resources necessary to recover from a disaster. Aymee’s ability to decipher complex programs and repackage information to easily transmit it to the communities throughout the state that need it most is one of her strongest assets.

Aymee has provided case management, community education, policy review/development and training across multiple disaster events in Louisiana and other states since 2005, as her understanding of and compassion for local communities, accompanied by her knowledge of FEMA and CDBG programming make Aymee a crucial asset in these initiatives.

Aymee’s 24 years of housing-specific experience includes roles as a certified tax credit property manager, Community Association Manager, and property administrator. These experiences combined with her direct case management and community education roles across multiple disasters also prepared her as she led emergency initiates in the COVID environment, including managing multiple COVID homeless shelter initiatives across the state and managing community outreach and training efforts tied to COVID emergency rental assistance programming.

When she is not in the office planning for emergency deployment for program implementation or operating in the field, Aymee enjoys the outdoors and farm life. She is an animal lover, but her love runs deepest for horses.

Aymee Mallory
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