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Exciting news! - LITA Corp Site Live and Work Orders Coming Soon

The Franklin team is proud to be a partner to the Louisiana Infrastructure Technical Assistance Corporation (LITACorp), a nonprofit organization established in October 2022 as a collaborative partnership between the Louisiana Municipal Association (LMA) and the Police Jury Association of Louisiana (PJAL). We are working with LITACorp to provide technical assistance in three ways:

  1. Equip political subdivisions located in rural and economically distressed areas with the tools and resources they need to identify, apply for, and administer federal grants funded through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

  2. Minimize barriers for political subdivisions to access federal resources by assisting them with meeting local cost share requirements of federal grant programs funded through IIJA.

  3. Acquire federal grant funds through IIJA to construct, improve, or repair public infrastructure – water and sewer systems, roads, bridges, railways, ports, broadband, etc. – in rural and economically distressed communities throughout Louisiana.

One of LITACorp’s foundational tenets is ensuring funding is equitably distributed, which is also one of Franklin’s core values. Our mission on this project is to help communities thrive by maximizing federal funding and ensuring all grant dollars are spent achieving local strategic priorities and needs. We look forward to working across our great state to help the communities that need it most get money to build critical infrastructure projects.

From left, LITACorp Executive Director Leslie Durham, Mayor Jean Pelloat (Town of Madisonville), and Franklin Associates Vice President Brandy Bones at the District I Meeting in Madisonville.


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