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Franklin is a full-service firm able to successfully provide issues management, project management, education/outreach development and implementation, media/governmental relations, training as well as highly customer service-attuned staff augmentation where needed. Through our work on past federally funded - and state-funded projects, Franklin Associates has gained considerable experience with these areas.

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Public Speaker


Our clients rely upon our expertise to develop and implement long-term strategic communications approaches in the arenas of public relations, media relations, community relations, public education, and governmental relations. We have registered lobbyists, experienced logistics personnel, and public relations professionals in-house. Franklin is responsible for implementation of more than 4,500 community meetings in the past 15 years.

Franklin Associates is the only consulting communications firm in the gulf that has an in-house training and meeting facility to handle public meetings of up to 300 people. Click here to learn more.

Team Meeting


Franklin provides unique solutions to clients across the disaster recovery spectrum and has done so across the country following disasters since 2006. Most of these projects have involved federal funding, including CDBG-DR and HMGP dollars requiring specific reporting and process regulations. In this realm, Franklin’s roles included providing strategic program management assistance, policy development, APA refinement and implementation, communications, case management, staffing, unmet needs reviews, compliance/recapture reviews, process flow development and refinements, and communications/governmental relations across housing and environmental disaster situations.

Franklin Associates' facility/campus can be utilized as a private distribution center for disaster relief in addition to producing first-class public meetings.

Disaster Recovery
Construction Pre-Planning


As land use and transportation planners work to create useable options for a municipality or region, our firm builds communications bridges between these project teams and the community as a whole, including local organizations and elected officials. By fostering cooperation between these entities, positive ideas are generated and stakeholders are able to see their input making a difference in the planning process. Franklin’s team includes an AICP certified urban planner to offer a more comprehensive level of service to our clients, while maintaining the original intent of the urban planners.

Planning Support
Business Meeting


Franklin’s commitment to the highest levels of customer service has enabled the company to provide quality project management services across numerous fields. The firm’s founder, Perry J. Franklin, Sr., has a solid background in community redevelopment and communications that has led to positive management and staffing efforts on projects. Our team includes a certified Project Management Professional with a focus on efficiency and meeting deadlines.

Project Management
Staff Augmentation
New Hires


In today’s ever-changing economy, many public and private entities find themselves in situations where they need to increase staffing for a particular task or project. Franklin’s team is uniquely qualified to swiftly recruit and place personnel across a wide variety of disciplines. Franklin prides itself on providing appropriate personnel based on client needs, and offers pre-placement customer service training as a value-added benefit where requested. We have placed nearly 1,000 uniquely qualified personnel on projects since the firm's inception.

Key Services:

  • Qualifying Staff

  • Rapid Response

  • Multiple Sites

  • Pre-placement  Customer Training Service

  • Salary and Benefits Administration 

  • Oversight and Management

Contact us to learn more information about our services.

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